Give the gift of laughter. Wouldn’t a series of Comedy Workouts make for a fine Christmas gift? The best kind of gag gift! The Comedy Workout Group is geared towards exercising the funny in anyone.

Everybody works during the holidays! We’re putting together a Christmas Show as well. Want to be a part? Come by and be on the ground floor of a growing showcase.

In the Sunday Comedy Workout Group we

— exercise the skills we already have to unearth the humor in any situation.

— expand our repertoires, creating headliner quality performance and writing for different venues and events.

— work on existing and write new material taking the subjects we find funny and/or like to talk about and turn them into comedic presentations.

— apply improvisation techniques to find and develop different attitudes and characters giving us a larger variety of performance options to choose from.

— develop a marketing strategy to increase our fan bases, income sources and explore the many options available to us as entertainers and writers in this digital age.

This group of Sunday workouts continues 7 to 10 p.m. at Alleywood Studios. $20 per session or $75 for a group of four.

1902 South Congress, in the alley behind Bird’s Barbershop and Prima Dora. Parking in the back lot is provided by Magnolia Cafe.