CASTING: I need 14 10-year-olds (or thereabouts)
Backstage link:

Shoot Date: One day out of the weekend of Nov. 10-12th (TBA Shoot Date)
Rehearsal: November 4th

Synopsis: (No Dialogue) 2 scientists create an elixir. After not being able to share the elixir, they go to their respective nations, and commence war. The war started hurting the leaders of the nations, thus coming to the realization that the war is tearing them apart after one of the leaders die. They settle for peace. They recreate the elixir and give it to the fallen leader. The leader wakes up and joins everyone in peace. We learn what’s labeled on the elixir: “Eternal life”.

This short film will be shot in front of a giant 40ft long constructed white wall during the day. There will also be a lot of paint being thrown all over the actors, so bring clothes that can be splattered with paint. A lot of paint. Like a ton of paint.

“What’s the STYLE?” Think of OkGo music videos, how color is utilized against a white and plain background. Think of the paint being splattered in their music video Upside Down and Inside Out. But, this is a war film (yet still hysterical and over-dramatic), so imagine the movie Dunkirk and how intense it was. Also, think of terms of Wes Anderson films (Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom) and how they use style to move. Also, listen to Beck’s song “Colors” (and watch the music video) to get a feel of the groove for the film.