Dad vs. Lad
Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Web Series
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Houston
Production Start Date: Ongoing
Production Wrap Date: TBA
Production Schedule: Shot on the weekends.

Writer(s): Ed Vela
Director(s): Ed Vela
Additional Attached CrewRay Wadsworth

Synopsis: As we wrap production on Season 5 of Dad vs. Lad on You Tube, we have our eye toward future episodes in Season 6. The show is a micro-budget, usually easy to shoot, episodic that will provide the actors involved with an IMDB credit and some nice reel material. This is a non-paying project.

Please submit your headshot and resume to: callitintheairprodllc@gmail.comfor the roles listed below:

Character Breakdown:

Chancie Dinoffsky, age range 11-13, Chancie is Herb’s biological son that he never knew he had. Herb found out about Chancie at the end of Season 3 and bonded with him (sorta) throughout Season 4. But at the end of Season 4, Herb accidentally caused an anaphylactic shock reaction in Chancie when he gave him peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, not knowing that Chancie had a severe peanut allergy. This made Chancie decide to go live with his ne’er do well uncle at his worm farm in Northern California. As he was originally played, Chancie was a highly intelligent computer nerd, but upon the re-casting the young actor playing Chancie will have to be able to play a complete NUTCASE. Chancie returns to Herb (now in Houston) completely BONKERS, and thinking the world revolves around WORMS. He’ll eventually (maybe) go back to the straight-laced computer hacker that he was, but for now the actor playing him will have to be able to do over the top, maniacal, weirdness with ease.

Harley Wanker, age range 9-11, Harley is Morph’s little, VERY Texan friend, complete with accent, trailer trash attitude, and shirts that have never seen a short sleeve that wasn’t ripped off at the shoulder. Harley is a country kid in every sense of the word, spitting, burping and farting constantly, and tough as titanium nails.

Magma Langlinais, age range 35 to 45, Herb’s ex-wife and mother to both Iggy and Morph, Magma (and NO this not a typo, her father was a geologist) has been off on a dig in Bolivia with her research assistant (boy-toy) Humberto, as she is an archaeologist. The actress must be able to do a Russian or Eastern European (of some kind) accent. Magma busts onto the scene in Season 6 after being referred to but never seen since Season 3. She is a hostile, acerbic match to Herb and the kind of strong personality that usually gets what she wants (in this case, maybe, Iggy and Morph back).

Below are links to episodes of the series that will help potential auditionees with background on the characters of Magma and Chancie. Harley is as yet uncharted territory.
Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid

Other / Additional Compensation: IMDB Credit

Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Snacks and Beverages

Email Address for Cast / Crew

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Date, time and exact location of audition is TBA. Email resume, headshot, and reel. Please put the role you are submitting for in the Subject line.