Casting Call For “Dark Magic”
Seeking 3 adventurous actors and a creative art department team to participate in a quirky, entertaining film.

CASTING CALL: Filming a very short HD video Student Project at a local college. Production will be one day (plus rehearsal time). No pay; but will supply copy with credits of the finished project.

Synopsis: Zesty Zebra(Amber) goes on a journey to find her fraternal sister (Gorgeous Giraffe) who’s in a fragile condition after being cursed by the Sinister Snake. The Pink Penguin reluctantly joins Amber on this quest. He doesn’t care much about anything because of his past. This story is all about striving to be hopeful and keep moving forward.

Note: The roles involve characters having Animal makeup. Actors who are interested or experienced in CosPlay a plus.

Cast/Character Breakdowns

Zesty Zebra(Amber)- Female lead.
Amber is Energetic/Fun/Exciting. She is never shy at at expressing herself; but her desires are not always what others need. Amber discovers bits and pieces of herself.
Age range:18 to 30s
Physical Characteristics
Dirty Blonde or reddish hair.
Black / dark eyes

Pink Penguin (Mind Reader)- Male Lead.
Charismatic, reluctant of his bravery. Pink Penguin hides his vulnerability because of his unpleasant past by being rude to everyone he meets. After all, it is not easy to know the true feelings of everyone around you.
Age range: 20’s to 30s
Physical Characteristics
Black Hair
Any eye color

Gorgeous Giraffe- Supporting female role.
Colorful/Wild. Gorgeous Giraffe’s past willful actions don’t reflect her true intelligence. She has been through some tough times, but she wonders if a better outlook will come to her rescue.
Age range:20’s to 30s
Physical Characteristics
Black/Blonde Hair
Blue eyes

Art/Department – 1 to two people to be that are inspired and creative in the arts like wardrobe, hairstyling and set design.

Production Timeline
Saturday, April 7th
Expect a 10 to 12 hr filming day.
Locations TBA

Contact Info:
If interested, please contact me for audition info, sides and other details.

Jacob Bauer