Short Film for Digital Filmmaking Class - Student Project

Synopsis: Single man attempts to navigate dating life in the age of ghosting. While some connections are forged or distanced simply by "bubble color", will he find love, or will he too be ghosted?

Please send taped auditions to

mid-late 20s - early 30s | Black / Mixed

Jeremy is handsome, but his approach to dating and courtship is a bit outdated. He has been on dating hiatus, and the idea of jumping back in makes him anxious. At the behest of his best friend, but against his better judgement, he tries a dating app. He soon faces the unfortunate realities of dating as a millennial -- the age of ghosting.

mid-late 20s - early 30s | Black / Mixed

Confident and witty, she is Jeremy's reality check. She's recently engaged and now pressing Jeremy to date again. Unapologetic in her approach, she has 'ghosted', and is proud of it.

Compensation Paid
DVD/Digital Copy

Please send taped auditions to

Blaze Heru

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