Project Type: Feature Film
Project Name: Dirty Secret.

Synopsis: A group of college graduate buddies who couldn't get over their past college lives, meet up for their monthly game night filled with fun, drinks and laughter, but the night takes a shocking, self revelation, turn.

Michael -(Lead): 22-29 (Caucasian)

Slim fit, bossy by nature, business oriented guy, always put together, graduated top of his class, but also knows how to have fun.

Henry- (Supporting): 23-29 (Caucasian)
The ultimate attractive party guy, frat guy, well balanced, knows when to be about business and when to turn up, ladies' man and true artist at heart.

Sarah- (Supporting) 22-29 (Caucasian):
Single mother of one son, 2yrs old, from past relationship but definitely is still the life of the party, comedic in every right.

Yolanda- (Supporting) 23-29 (African America):
established, has status and pull, comes from money, banging hair, slim, fair/dark skin, pretty teeth, very pretty, Daddy’s girl, smart business woman, sorority girl, wants for nothing, high maintenance, in a relationship with Michael.

Alex- (Supporting) 22-29 (African America):
very attractive, light skin and muscular, has an innocence to him, bearded, get up and just go guy, ladies’ man, nonchalant.

Gary Dean

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