Are you looking for answers? Have you always suspected your family may not be telling the whole truth? Do you think there’s more to your story?

Naked Television have teamed up with a Major US Network and are offering advanced DNA testing to solve these life mysteries.

We are looking for US citizens willing to share their story and DNA test results on Television as part of a brand new docuseries.

No story is too big. Do you question the identity of your biological parents? Have you always thought you were a love child of a well known parent? Do you think your mother or father has been hiding away a secret family? Do you suspect you are secretly heir to an estate? Could you in fact be dating a blood relative? Do you feel you are a different race/ethnicity than you’ve believed your whole life or do you think you were switched at birth?

If this sounds familiar and you want to find out more please email ASAP with your name, story and contact details.

Matt Keyte

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