Casting Call – Dallas

Project name: El Camino Rojo
Production team will be on set to cast actors for the film. This one will shoot here in Texas. At this time, several big names have been cast in lead roles.
Project type:
Feature Film trailer
Shoot date: Dec.20th. (Subject to change)
Pay: non

Auditions: info will be emailed to you. Most likely will be scheduled for next week sometime.

Email your resume and 2 pictures to:

SUBJECT line: character name / your name

Osita- hispanic girl ages 6-10. Must be very small and girly. The character Osita is very smart and is not afraid of anything. She is also quick witted and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks of you. There are some crying scenes in the film.

Six female Dia de los Muertos meth lab workers- ages 25 and up. Must have nice body. must dress to part (sexy) and face will be painted in the traditional day of the dead paint.

Five hit men that work for the drug cartel- Hispanic Males, must be mean looking and dressed in a black suit

Wife- 26- 35 years old female with dark hair. Hispanic or Caucasian (her daughter was kidnapped)

Police Detective- ages 30’s and 40’s Caucasian

Police Detective’s wife 30’s-40’s Thinks her husband is cheating with his partner and is very angry and suicidal.

Detectives Partner- Pretty female detective type age 30’s and 40’s

seven Detectives ages 30 and up. any ethnicity

Leader of West Coast Drug Cartel= Hispanic male in his late 40’s and 50’s