Subject: MAU — Feature Length Film. Paid.


Please read carefully before hitting that “SEND” button. While I’m trying to be as clear as I can on this post, please ask questions if you should need additional information.

Looking for an experienced individual to fill the role of MAU for a feature film in early April 2015. The entire movie will be shot in Ghost Town in Manor, TX  plus ONE other EXTlocation (TBD, but within 20 miles of GT). Goal is to recreate that saturated, dreamy 35 mm Kodak Vision Stock film look from 1980’s. Think horror movies such as Amityviile Horror, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Hills have Eyes, Halloween, Nightmare on the Elm Street,

TITLE: “Emeryville-A forgotten village” (Site in prgress

SYNOPSIS: When their car crashes in a middle of nowhere, a group of teenagers seek help in Emeryville. The Village Mayor offers them overnight shelter until help arrives the following day. As time passes, the group realizes that everyone in the village is insane and they soon find themselves fighting for their lives.

GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Pre-production
PAY:.$1800 (ALL inclusive) for 8 day shoot.
SHOOT DATES: April 6-15, 2015. 10-12 hour days.
VENUE: Manor, TX.

QUALIFICATIONS (In order of importance):

  1. Must be available 2/27 or 2/28 between 6-8 to meet with Director & go over the ask.
    2. Reliable. Punctual. Work closely with Director to understand the vision and story “look”.
  2. While most make up will be to make talent camera ready, there are couple of scenes that will request small FX.
    4. Must be fast. For days with multiple talent, I can work with you on getting an assistant. Makeup should not hold back the shoot time.

Please email resume and references. To see some of my previous work, please google Pritesh Chheda Youtube. If you want to read script before commiting, please ask.