Subject: Associate Producer


Please read this carefully and ask questions if in doubts. Looking for “Associate Producer” for a feature film planned for early April 2015. It’s 80-page script to be shot 85% @Ghost Town in Manor & 15% TBD. Please pay attention to dates & hours below:

  • 4-5 hours per week until March 31 – $50/week – paid via PayPal on every Sunday.
  • Must be available on Feb 27-28  for assistance with casting callbacks – $100 cash
  • April 1-16 (Production) – $1000

I need someone who is:

  1. Dependenable and responds to email & text within 1-2 hours. Fast, clear communication & honestly is “most” important element.
  2. Assists in recruiting crew, scouting locations.
  3. Eager to learn filmmaking process from ground up (budgeting, casting, preprod, prod, post, distribution). Ideal candidate is student from from MFA/RTF or Communication program.
  4. Has transporation + carries smart phone with photo-video capabilities.
  5. Takes ownership of tasks and delivers on committed date.
  6. Prior Fim experience a plus but not required.

TITLE: “Emeryville – A forgotten village”

GENRE: Horror

FORMAT: BMCC 4K plus EPIC. Some 35mm (TBD)

STATUS: Pre-production.

PAY: $50/week paid via PayPal on every Sunday until April 1 & $1000 for April 2-16 + imdb credit of “Associate Producer”.

SHOOT DATES: April 6-April 15 – (total of 8-day shoot – 6 days-break-2 days)

VENUE: Manor, TX.

Please ask questions instead of assuming. Contact: