Subject: Director of Photography — Feature Early April, 2015.


Please read this carefully. Looking for a “run and gun” photographer for a feature film planned for early April 2015 to be shot on BMCC 4K ProRes. One location shoot, 80-page script, at GT in Manor. Mostly small, interior lighting setups. Camera/lighting team will be – 1 DP + 2 Grips + 2 PA. DP will be responsible for directing lighting.

What I have:
– Detailed shot list.
– BMCC 4K EF and set of 3 prime lenses.

What I need:
– DP who is good with blocking (think Woody Allen movies).
– Camera rig (rails, pull focus, sticks,matte box etc.).
– DP will be responsible for getting 1 ton grip/lighting package including 1 night of 4K HMI and SteadyCam/Gimball.
– DP will bring his 2 Grips.

DP should be available for shotlist walkthru review on Feb 27-28/April 4-5 and provide recommendations as required. While the plan is for a 10-hour day, the shoot may last upto 12 hours each day. Please plan accordingly.

TITLE: “Emeryville – A forgotten village” (Working Title).
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Pre-production
PAY: Please email your $$ ask. Include cost of “what I need items” above.
SHOOT DATES: APril 6-April 15 – (total of 8-day shoot – 6 days-break-2 days)
VENUE: Manor, TX.

Please ask questions instead of assuming. If you need to read script before response, let me know. Please email resume, 3 references and demo reel.