Film title/book trailer tagline: “EVERY DECISION MATTERS”

SYNOPSIS: This very short film is a book trailer for a memoir about male prostitution (between a young man and an older gentleman), codependency, and infidelity. The scene takes place inside of a motel room with two men—one early 20s, one late 30s/40s. It showcases the importance of every decision we make, big or small. The only sexuality in the film is IMPLIED, as the trailer will take place AFTER the sex and focus more on the transactional nature of encounters of paid sex. In the script, it starts with the “young man” putting his shirt back on while the “customer” in his underwear watches from the bed. The young man takes the cash off a dresser and steps out for a moment to take a call from his girlfriend, asking where he’s been. He lies to her, and exchanges some lines with the customer before leaving.

SHOOT DATES: Only one day of shooting will be required (3-4 hrs). Aiming for filming on an evening around September 9, 10, 11 or 12. Include availability in email.

-“Young Man”: Early 20s male, athletic build, white or hispanic or can pass for either. Speaking role.

-“Customer”: 30s-50s male, any race, be OK with shooting in underwear. Speaking role.

-“Girlfriend”: Any age, voice needs to capture early 20s female, off-screen speaking role (voice acting). NOTE: this voiceover can also be recorded at a separate time if you can not make the shooting date/time.

All cast members must be 18 years or older.

ADDITIONAL: No sexual content of any kind will occur in the commercial, however in the story the implications are there for the characters. If you are worried about your image because of the nature of the film, please do not apply. This film is being professionally produced by a local Austin production company.

This project is PAID for all actors, and we are more than happy to provide a copy of the finished product to you for your portfolio purposes.
Phone number and email:
(For the male roles) Two recent photos (one headshot, one full body). These do NOT need to be professional:
(For the female role) Voice demo in video or audio.
Acting resume or experience (optional). Video references to acting/on-screen performances with dialogue are helpful:
City of current residence:
What is your availability nights of September 9-12?

We look forward to your submissions!