Hello, Looking for a location scout to find, secure and schedule locations. Also need to secure permits for filming in public spaces. Please send a quote to jeff@garagedwellerstudios.com No need to include Insurance for the locations, I will pay that separately.
Here is the list.

Restaurant – Cafe similar to Denny’s with counter seating. Two days
Downtown luxury apartment with city view – Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony. One day
Downtown restaurant – Outside seating. 4 hours.
Low cost apartment or weekly motel – Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen – Three days.
Elevator and lobby – 4 hours.
Rooftop – High-rise at least 10 stories. 4 hours.
Liquor Store – 4 hours.
Corporate Office – Waiting area, Manager Office, Reception Desk, Warehouse Area. Two days.
Modern office like Google – Executive office, Board room. One day.
Street corner next to a Hospital or Similar – Window and actor in the window looking out. 4 hours.
Pay phone at convenience store – 4 hours.
Several street corners – Have some of the locations already scouted. Just need help with permits, permission and scheduling.