No Pay- IMDb credit only- snacks beverages provided

Filming on Aug 2, 3, 4 in San Antonio Location

Nicoletta-Mother to Frankie age 20-30 hispanic female

Mona- Mother to Miguel age 20-30 hispanic female

Frankie- Nicoletta’s Son taken by La LLorona - age 8-13 hispanic Boy/girl

Miguel- Frankie’s Best friend-age 8-13 hispanic Boy/girl

Curandera- Good Witch-age 20-50 hispanic female

Boy Child 1- Ghost child older son to La LLorona-age 8-13 hispanic Boy/girl

Boy Child 2- Ghost child younger son to La LLorona-age 8-13 hispanic Boy/girl
Open Audition: Wonderland Mall in front of BIJOU Theater July 20, 2019 6pm-8pm
Send all submission to
(((San Antonio local actors & Crew)))
Crew: Grip, Gaffer, 2PA's Props H/MU

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