Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Production Type: Scene, Television Series, Television Pilot
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Houston

Production Start Date: 03/07/2015
Production Wrap Date: 02/08/2015
Production Schedule: 2 days

Producer(s): Jonathan Gwyn, Lupe casares, Leyla Cantu
Writer(s): Lupe Casares
Director(s): Lupe casares

Synopsis: An ex-green beret opens a boxing gym in the heart of a rough hispanic neighborhood to help troubled youth.
One day. A desperate parent shows up with his 13 year old son looking for discipline for the kid.
the kid is captivated by the boxers inside the ring and decides he wants to become a boxer.

Character Breakdowns:
Meche: Female 35-40 (Latino)
Silvestre: Male 35-40 (Latino)
Emmanuel’s girlfriend: 17-20 (Latino)
Manzo Man’ girlfriend: (Black) 20-25
Asst. Coach Male 35-40
Old school boxer: 40-50

Audition Date: 02/21/2015
Audition Start Time: 12:00 pm
Audition End Time: 05:00 pm
Audition Location: Houston
Audition Address: 11811 East Freeway #13 Houston, Texas 77029

Paid / Non-Paid: Deferred
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions: