Web Series Title: Generally Stupid Villains
Production Company: Frisky Chair Films
Written By: Ryan Ligon/Norris Jaber/Jason Taylor
Producers: Ryan Ligon/ Jon Hearn
Directed by: Ryan Ligon
Filming location: Houston, TX
Media: YouTube.


Synopsis: The soap opera comedy parody web series follows Xavior Manchest and his band of fail villains as they try to take over the world together, seeing as how going solo always ends in defeat. They open a consulting firm as a front to hide their true intentions from the community. But when The Organization, a team of good guys, figure out their plans they will do anything to bring the villains down. But, is The Organization really good? Or have the roles been reversed? Xavior and his team must get through their failures and defeat The Organization if they have any hopes of world domination.

Roles below that have (ROLE WILL GROW) are basically introductory characters for season one. They will play a very important part in the future for some of the LEAD characters.

ORSON VON RAGE (Villain) (Caucasian/Age Late 20’s Early 30’s): A Russian scientist that experimented on the human anatomy, mainly men but no one knows why, to try and create super soldiers.

Fled from his motherland of Russia to America, after an experiment that nearly destroyed his home. He is not used to American customs but tries to fit in with awkward behaviors. (LEAD, MUST BE ABLE TO DO RUSSIAN ACCENT)

THE CLERK (Neutral) (Ethnicity open/Age mid to late 20’s): A brainless idiot hired by Orson to make the office seem normal. Has no true value to the team but tends to pop up in the most awkward situations. Always wanting to know when he’s getting paid. (SUPPORTING, ROLE WILL GROW)

BROOKE (Caucasian, Female, Age Mid 20’s): She is a sweet, innocent woman that welcomes Xavior and his team when they move into their new office. She eventually finds herself being part of the villains group (season 2) and develops feelings for Xavior. (SMALL SUPPORTING IN SEASON ONE, ROLE WILL GROW IN FUTURE TO LEAD).

DR. JAMES MARTIN (Ethnicity open, Male, Age Early to Mid 20’s): A tech geek scientist for The Organization. Insecure and immature but very smart. He and Tristan have been arch-rivals since childhood. (SMALL SUPPORTING IN SEASON ONE, ROLE WILL GROW TO SUPPORTING IN THE FUTURE.)

STEVE (Ethnicity open, Male, Early to Mid 30’s): A loan officer at a bank. (Will be a recurring role throughout series)

BANK GREETER (Ethnicity open, Female, Mid to Late 20’s): Greeter at the front desk of a bank. (1 episode, really great and funny scenes with LEAD characters)

SECURITY MANAGER (Ethnicity open, Male, Mid to Late 40’s): Security manager for The Organization. Is put in charge of detail for a formal party the Organization executives are holding. Is directly below the Director as far a rank. (SMALL SUPPORTING, ROLE WILL GROW).

All roles are unpaid, but meals and snacks will be provided. You will also get credit and a copy of the entire season to showcase your work and for your resumes. This web series will be going onto YouTube.

To submit please send a headshot, resume, and demo reel (if available), to We will contact you with audition instructions if selected.