Holding auditions next Saturday 1/10 for indie feature “Ghost Valley.” (South ATX)

Holding auditions next Saturday 1/10 for modern noir independent feature “Ghost Valley.” We are holding auditions for 2 of our principle supporting roles as well as 4 other minor roles. Auditions will take place from 12:00-4:00 pm for these roles. The roles of “Ava” and “Angie Monroe” will have potential payment as we are about to begin our indie go-go campaign. All other roles listed will be unpaid but will have an IMDB credit and copy of the final film. ADR will be required as we enter post-production.

Synopsis: Jack Darcy is a down on his luck alcoholic news reporter. After losing his job and facing what looks to be a divorce and bankruptcy, Jack is desperate to get his life back to the way it was. After learning the news paper will be going under, Jack decides to return to a story he had long abandoned: a local young man named Jeremy Morrow who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in a small Texas town of Trinton County that many refer to as “Ghost Valley.” With assistance from the local Sheriff, Jack is met with strong resistance from the towns people who want him gone. Jack races against the minutes, hours and days desperately searching for anything that will lead him to the truth. Only to find secrets, betrayals and tragedy that unfold in his endless pursuit of his story. As well as secrets of his own begin to resurface.

Character breakdowns:

Ava (Late 20’s-30’s): Dark hair, porcelain skin and mysterious allure. A mystic, believes in fortune and believes in the tarot. She is a guide (and misguide) to the lead character into his unknowing truth. Has a resemblance to the actress Ava Gardner. Small but pivotal role in the film. Needed for 4 shooting dates.

Angie Monroe (Mid 20’s): Dirty blonde/reddish hair. Very timid and holds characteristics of a frightened doe. She holds a lot of fear in herself. Is very uncomfortable about speaking about her private life as she becomes entangled in the mystery that the lead character is investigating.
Must be willing to appear and model in a lingerie photograph. (Nothing too risqué and no nudity required.) Needed for 2 shooting dates.

Jane Callaway (late teens-early 20’s): Fiance of Jeremy Morrow who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Very quiet and cautious. Was involved in an affair with the lead character. Short dark hair, short small frame. Small country town type of girl. Needed for 3 shooting dates. Minimal role.

Jim Callaway (Mid 50’s): Father of Jane. Very protective and old fashioned. Has a strict and aggressive attitude. Minimal role. Needed for 2 shooting dates.

Mary Callaway (Mid 50’s): Mother to Jane and wife to Jim. Very old fashioned christian type of woman. Very much a push over when it comes to her husband. Very devoted to her family.
Minimal rôle. Needed for 2 shooting dates.

Curtis Monroe (Mid-late 20’s): Husband of Angie Monroe. Army vet, who has recently returned home from his tour. Very possessive and aggressive. Lives a quiet and simple life in his country home, seems haunted by his experiences during his tour of duty. Minimal role. Needed for 1 shooting date.

Indie gogo Campaign link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ghost-valley–3/