Project Title:  Ghost Valley

Producer(s):  George Ray Aisha Melhem
Director(s):  George Ray

Synopsis:  Jack Darcy is a down on his luck alcoholic news reporter. After losing his job and facing what looks to be a divorce and bankruptcy, Jack is desperate to get his life back to the way it was. After learning the news paper will be going under, Jack decides to return to a story he had long abandoned: a local young man named Jeremy Morrow who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in a small Texas town of Trinton County that many refer to as "Ghost Valley." With assistance from the local Sheriff, Jack is met with strong resistance from the towns people who want him gone. Jack races against the minutes, hours and days desperately searching for anything that will lead him to the truth. Only to find secrets, betrayals and tragedy that unfolds in his endless pursuit of his story. As well as secrets of his own begin to resurface.

Length:  66 minutes or longer
Type:  Narrative Drama
Format:  HD Video

Shooting Locations: Austin, Manor, Bastrop, Victoria and others.

Meals Provided for Shoots Exceeding 6 Hours: on

Casting Call

Jack Darcy (20’s-30’s): Main character, caucasian, tall, thin, scrawny to lean build, dark hair and unshaven. An alcoholic failed news journalist. Very rogue with a sleazy charm. Appears in every scene of the film. He is motivated in his own self interests and will stop at nothing or no one to get what he wants. (compensation will be based on how much money is raised through indie go-go campaign.)

Compensation:  Deferred Pay Roles Available

Will accept digital submissions: on

Crew Call

Looking for the following principle crew to help start production on modern indie noir “Ghost Valley.” Looking for the following:

Lighting Designer/Director
Sound Designer
Production Designer

Compensation will be based on how much money we raise for the production.

Compensation:  Deferred pay crew positions available

Submission Info


Contact Info:
George Ray
5128033839 |