We at World Tree Productions and Libra Strife Films are in the preproduction phase for our latest film, “Ghost Valley” and are looking for experienced and reliable members for our production and marketing teams. Pay scales vary and are dependent on our funding, as we are a micro-budget production, but we will be paying you for your time based on the role that you play in the production of the film and the amount of funding that we are able to attain (of which the production team will be allocated a percentage).

As of now we are seeking to fill the following positions:

Associate Producer
Marketing Director
Media Liaison x3
Art Director
Property Manager (props)
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Camera Operator x2 (familiar with Canon systems)

We are beginning phase one of our funding campaign beginning July 1st, and need to fill the first three positions IMMEDIATELY. Principle photography will begin mid-September.