Glengarry Glen Ross Scene- Student Directing Workshop

I am a UT RTF student casting actors to produce a scene for a class exercise. The scene will be from David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. It will be shot on high definition digital video with a crew and exhibited in class. After auditions there will be 2-3 rehearsal periods and an in class performance of the scene. After that it will be shot and edited.

Scene takes place between two characters, Levine and Williamson, who argue and negotiate with each other over the new sales leads.

Need= 1 male (Late 20s-early 40s) & 1 male (late 40’s- early 60’s)

Shelley “The Machine” Levine

A once great salesman who finds himself in a streak of bad luck. A family member in bad health and an abusive work environment push him further towards the edge. An undercurrent of hope and confidence is still present in him, although masked by fear and desperation.

John Williamson

The office manager that no one respects. He is consistently torn down by his employees but with the new leads he now rests in a place of power. He puts on an air of respectability and clean business but is not above bending the rules to help himself out.

Project is UNPAID, DVD or digital copy of the edited scene will be provided after production. Meals will be provided.

Auditions- February 27th CMA 3.120 (6-9:30pm)

In Class Performance-March 4th (6-9pm)

Prospective Filming Dates- March 7,8 or March 14,15

Crew members are not needed at this time.

You can email a resume, headshot, or reel to JPG’s are acceptable.