Good Grief is an independent short that looks to push the boundaries of dramatic story telling by addressing the uncomfortable issue of death and mourning in an unconventional way.
This is a micro-budget film, so payment will be below union rates BUT WILL BE A PAID GIG NONETHELESS.

Producers and I are looking for hardworking, dedicated crew members to fill some of our spots, such as: Art/Set Design, Camera and Production Assistants, as well as Colorists/Sound engineers. If you have a reel you can send me – great! If not, don’t fret.

Plot: Good Grief centers around a parolee, Ivan, who upon release from his latest stint in the prison, finds out that his mother has passed away. Fighting against the commercialization surrounding funerals and his already dire financial situation, Ivan and his younger sister Alex struggle to find the money and heart to bury their mother the “normal” way.

If this is a project that interests you, shoot me an email and I’ll get you the script and we can go from there. Contact info will be below. Thanks!