Working Title: “Half Cooked”, by Jesse Pitzler
Log-Line: Fast-Food Worker’s are put to the test when their worse-case scenario becomes
• male- 18 – 26 yrs old. 5’7”-6’2”. Lean Build.
• female- 18-30 yrs old. CAUCASIAN 5’3”-5’7”. Long hair.
• female- 18-30 yrs old. ASIAN AMERICAN 5’3”-5’9”.
• male- 18-26 yrs old. 5’5”-6’0”.
• male- 25-35 yrs old. CAUCASIAN 6’-6’5”. Strong. Rough Edges.
DATE: SATURDAY, APRIL 6th, 2019 1:00PM
LOCATION: The Art Institute of Austin 101 W Louis Henna Blvd, Austin, TX 78728.
Please attach headshots and resume in an email to Please have Half-Cooked as the subject line
Include cast line you are applying for
for example: male- 18-26 yrs old. 5’5”-6’0”