HBO’s The Leftovers

​ Season 2​

is looking for single, twin or triplet ​African-American African-American babies aged

​6 months to 12 months old​


We are also looking for single, twin or triplet female Hispanic babies aged 2-5 weeks for

​a shoot at the end of June​/beginning of July.

Their will be a baby-nurse on set at all times that the babies are on set.
The rate will be $200

​for a 4 hour day.

If interested please email


Parents name

Babies name

Babies age

Babies weight

Contact number

City you live in

Current photo of the babies



Brock/Allen Casting


HBO The Leftovers is looking for background talent who fit the type “Biker Gang”.  Owning a motorcycle is not necessary but preferred.

Date: June 12th

Time: Night Shoot (exact time unknown, but it will be a night shoot starting anywhere from 5pm-10pm and going all night.)

Rate: $64 for 8 hours, time and a half after 8 hours. +$25 if you bring a motorcycle and it is parked int he scene. +$50 if the motorcycle is running in the scene.

Location: South Austin area near McKinney Falls State Park

Please reply to if you are interested and available.

Please include the following information:


Phone Number

City you live in

Current photo of yourself

Current photo of your motorcycle (if you have one)

Make and model of your motorcycle

If you have any tattoos please indicate if they are of your own design or if they are copyrighted material.