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Project Title:  Her Unlikely Kin

Producer(s):  Ryan Brooks
Director(s):  Ken Raimondi

Synopsis:  Sarah Rassi is running out of options. She needs a bone marrow transplant and her only match on the registry is troubled war veteran, Peyton Sinclair. Can Peyton overcome his own battles with PTSD to step up and save Sarah’s life? Her Unlikely Kin tells the story of two strangers, who by rare genetic chance, can offer each other new life.

Length:  Under 15 minutes
Type:  Narrative Drama
Format:  HD Video

Shooting Locations: San Antonio

Meals Provided for Shoots Exceeding 6 Hours: on

Casting Call

Peyton Sinclair (Lead protagonist) Age 30 – 40. Veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s a big guy with an intimidating stare. He struggles with PTSD, works a dead end job, and his only hope for true redemption comes through an opportunity to selflessly give for a stranger in need.
Helen Sinclair – 30-35 years old. Peyton’s wife.
Stacey Sinclair – 6-9 years old. Peyton’s daughter.
Sarah Rassi – A 17 year old girl of Middle Eastern decent. She’s battling a rare disease, aplastic anemia, and her only hope for a cure resides in her one and only match on the bone marrow registry. She’s smart, well spoken, and has a loving family. This character faces a dramatic hospital scene that includes being put into a cold shower to lower an out of control fever.
Yasmin Rassi – Sarah’s mom. 40-50. Well dressed and business minded.
Omar Rassi – Sarah’s dad. 40-50.
Dr. Meyer – Sarah’s Doctor. A brilliant doctor with little bed-side manner.
James – Age 45-55. Peyton’s Social Worker. He runs an alternative therapy program for people dealing with traumatic events in their lives called the Memory Modification Group (MMG). It’s not a therapy that is well respected in psychology circles but James believes in it 100% and has seen it work.
Buddy – 60-70 An older man who attends the MMG meetings. Plays a little comic relief in a dramatic scene with Peyton.
Damien – 30-40 Peyton’s boss at the moving company.
Patricia Age 21-30. The donation center coordinator. She has a passion for saving lives and matching donors with patients is her only calling. She knows how to reach people at a personal level. She can be flirtatious but is strictly business when she must be.
Nazifa – Afghani girl Age 10-18. This character is not a speaking role. She will be covered in blood for her scenes.

Compensation:  Paid & Unpaid Roles Available

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Crew Call

Production Design

Compensation:  Paid crew positions available

Submission Info

Please email us with your resume, headshot and reel if you have one. Include in the subject line “Casting – San Marcos” and preferred times for audition.

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Jo-Ann England