Sinatra(20-27): An outgoing girl who's an artist and also a gruesome murderer

Video Auditions. Introduce yourself as a 1 minute monlogue of choice and then once that sent I will email the excerpt from the script and respond with video.

Unpaid. Will receive food, credit for film and copy for reel.

Shoot dates: July 27, 28

August 7, 10, 11

Synopsis: Sinatra by day is this quirky outgoing girl who’s an artist by day, but by night she’s a gruesome serial killer. She has a relationship with this college jock Troy yet tends to storm off on him when she notices something from her past. They’re in love, but Troy doesn’t know her secret. Come to find out that the reasoning behind her killing is Tony, the leader of the mafia killed her parents when she was young because of her dad owing money to him. In the end we discover Troy is Tony son and finds out Sinatra is the killer and makes her chose between her revenge and love for him. She chooses her revenge and both Tony and Troy die and Sinatra is arrested.

email headshots and resumes to

Marko Gallegos

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