IN AN INSTANT, Police Shootout
ABC News
- Episodic
 2-Hour Non-Dramatic TV Show
One of seven 2-hour episodes
Producer/Director: Todd Cobery

Casting Director (TX): Vicky Boone

Interview Dates: November 17-21

Shoot/Start Date: December 8th (one week shoot)

Pay Rate: SAG 2-Hour Non-Dramatic Television Contract 

Location: Austin, TX


JOSEPH MCGROTHA – Male, Caucasian, 27 years old, Brown Hair, 5’9”, 140 lbs, Mustache – McGrotha engages in an extended, physical scene which results in the death of Kenneth Kolski. McGrotha is fleeing from this murder he committed in Georgia when Officer Soulis approaches him in Jacksonville. Joseph then began a firefight with Officer Soulis and is killed. Will be likely doing a firearm training day. There will be fight choreography, minor stunts & blank fire. Over 5 lines.

KENNETH KOSKI – Male, Caucasian, 50s, white hair, thin build – An intruder wakes Kenneth Koski up in the middle of the night. He is brutally attacked and murdered by Joseph McGrotha. There will be fight choreography and minor stunts for this character. Over 5 lines.

Rate info:
All rates are PER SAG’s ”2 Hour Non-Dramatic” Television Contract, as follows:
*Talent with 5 or more lines – $1667 for 36 hours of work over 5 consecutive days
*Talent with fewer than 5 lines – $653 for 14 hours of work over 2 consecutive days
Additional hours are paid at the rate of $25/hour and overtime is paid at $32.50/hour.

”IN AN INSTANT” is a show about real life people who have survived major events. It is 50% interviews and 50% recreations. This casting is for the recreations of an event that occurred 17 years ago. Because these are recreations and many of the actual people appear in the program, it is important that talent resemble the actual people. Please see photos included for reference.

To submit, please send the following ASAP to casting director Vicky Boone at, using subject line: “In an Instant”:
*2 Pictures – 1 headshot, 1 full body
*Height and weight
*Fight, stunt and weapons experience
*Best phone number