Auditions for Friday September 28th 7pm
Recreation of a scene from In the Mouth of Madness

I am a current Austin Community College student who is directing/recreating a scene from In the Mouth of Madness for my directing class project. The film was directed by John Carpenter, but we will be solely going off of Michael De Luca’s original script.

Synopsis of the film: An insurance investigator is hired to find a horror novel writer and the latest manuscripts of his work. Upon finding the writer, the investigator finds that the novel spreads evil to the readers and starts the end of the world.

The scene: The insurance investigator learns the true nature of the book, and finds that he and the town are just creations in the writers recent novel.


Male – 25-50

He is an investigator that loves their job and loves busting frauds. He does not read horror novels and only learned about the horror writer when asked to take on the insurance claim case (and then writer’s publishing agent attacked him.) By the end of the scene he learns the book details are real and that he is just a character in the novel, a novel which will create the apocalypse for humankind.

Horror Novelist

Male/Female 25-50

Through the words of demons from another dimension, the novelist has been publishing books that will let the demons through to the human world and create the apocalypse. He/she confronts the investigator to let them know they are just a creation of his book, and that the investigator needs to take the latest manuscript to the world and start the “change” that will end the world.

This is an unpaid student project

Reel footage will be provided

A meal will be provided on day of shoot

Two days will be needed:

Rehearsal – 10/1 or 10/3 at 9:35-12:30

Shoot day TBD

Shooting Dates: TBD

Shooting Location: TBD – will be in Austin area

ACC Northridge Campus (Room TBD)

11928 Stonehollow Dr

Austin, TX 78758

Parking: Lot J ( Map – )

Contact information: