Production Title: Inbetween Girl
Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Production Type: Feature

Production Location: Austin, TX and Galveston, TX

Production Start Date: 7/25/2019
Production Wrap Date: 8/13/2019
Production Schedule: 16 days
**Scheduling subject to change**

Writer/Director: Mei Makino
Casting Director: Maddy Bethard
Director of Photography: Ivy Chiu
Producers: Mei Makino, Matt Stryker, Emily Gollahon, Connor Pickens, Kate Gollahon, Andrew Eaton

Synopsis: Half-Chinese, half-white teen Angie Chen’s already perplexing life becomes even more complicated when she starts an affair with Liam, the popular jock at her new private school.

Proof of Concept trailer: **a proof of concept trailer our team made this past summer to gain attention from investors**


Principal Roles:

SHERYL WHITE (16, white) - The most popular girl at school and Liam’s girlfriend. A cheerleader and Instagram influencer. The type of teen who seems like she’s never had an awkward phase. Despite her pristine exterior, Sheryl’s got problems, insecurities, and has trouble connecting with girls at school.

FAI (40s-50s, Chinese) - Angie’s father. A good humored science guy who is struggling to navigate a new relationship and fatherhood post-divorce. Immigrated to the states from China in his 20s. **This character has been written to be bilingual in Mandarin and English, but the director is open to adjusting depending on the actor’s background.**

VERONICA (40s-50s, white) - Angie’s mother. A hardworking and passionate lawyer who has seen more than her daughter knows. Veronica always seems to be in a constant struggle of figuring out the balance between her work, passions, and motherhood.

MIN (40s-50s, Chinese) - Fai’s new girlfriend. A nurse by profession. Kind, nurturing, and unabashedly proud of Fang. Like Fai, moved to the states in her 20s from China. **This character has been written to be bilingual in Mandarin and English, but the director is open to adjusting depending on the actor’s background.**

FANG (18, Chinese-American) - Min’s daughter. A humble and sweet robotics genius who just got her acceptance letter from Stanford. Despite her academic success, she has skepticism and insecurities about her mother’s new relationship with Fai, but does well to put on a good face and make the most of the situation. **This character has been written to be bilingual in Mandarin and English, but the director is open to adjusting depending on the actor’s background. The director encourages all actresses of East Asian descent to apply!**

REBECCA (16, white) - A talkative and humorous teen with a future in celebrity journalism. Angie’s best friend because no one else wants to befriend either of them.

Supporting Roles:

MS. ROBINSON (20s, white) - Angie’s English teacher. Quirky and awkward. Loves Shakespeare. Recently out of school and still figuring out her teaching style.

MR. WHITE (40s-50s, white) - Sheryl’s dad. A businessman who demands a lot of his daughter. A BOI (born on the island) and proud of that fact.

MRS. WHITE (40s-50s, white) - Sheryl’s mom. A sweet stay at home mom who hasn’t ventured much outside her white social bubble. Also, a BOI (born on island) and considers that a big part of her identity. Likely met Mr. White at the same high school Sheryl goes to.

YOUNG ANGIE (7-10, half-Asian, half-white) - Adorable beyond measure. Must believably look like the younger version of Angie. To see what teen Angie looks like, see this link:

**The director encourages any young actress who can pass as half-East Asian/half-white to apply**

Audition Dates: 6/1/2019-6/2/2019 (Austin), 6/8/2019-6/9/2019 (Austin), 6/15/2019-6/16/2019 (Houston), 6/22/2019-6/23/2019 (Callbacks - Austin)
Audition Times: TBD

Paid/Non-Paid: All roles paid
Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, Digital Copy

Email Address for Submissions:

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Please send your resume, headshot and availability in an email with the subject line INBETWEEN GIRL - DESIRED ROLE - CITY OF RESIDENCE to Production dates are tentative and subject to change. Local to the Austin/Houston/Galveston area a plus, but not required. Auditions will be held in Austin and Houston. Video auditions also accepted and encouraged.

Maddy Bethard

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