Disclaimer: For entertainment value only/no budget. Not planning on making any money. If I make any money from this, I plan on staying in Austin. "You'll get paid if I get paid." I am working from scratch. I am in the process of rapidly writing this project. Aiming to be an Austin based filmmaker along the lines of Rodriguez or Linklater. Not trying to run off to Hollywood. I am Garrett Michael Anderson, nice to meet you. Money is the root of all evil. I am a writer and this is my baby. I love this story and hope you do too 😉

Psychedelic Spiritual New Age Hard Science Fiction Comedy Drama. Minimal Effects. Mostly in camera and dialogue based storytelling. I am wanting actresses/actors who can improvise. This is my professional debut. I have all the equipment I need, an editing bay, musical equipment, a loving Oregonian/Texan family, and a camera.

Email texasweat@gmail.com for more info.

This is a labor of love. I am putting my heart and soul into this. This is an adventure!

Could be really fun. I need to start filming in November. Guerrilla/"Slacker" style. Indie. Aiming for an SXSW 2020 release. I am doing all of the writing/directing/editing/music myself. I have the entire film planned. A short film with a lot of heart. Needing two female protagonists, and one minor male antagonist and one minor male supporting character at the core.

I can send you a treatment and main character list if requested in PDF format. I am based out of North Loop. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Garrett Michael Anderson

Garrett Michael Anderson

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