A re-interpretation of the pilot scene for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from the original script “Charlie has Cancer” in which Dennis is caught off guard by Charlie’s confession that he might have cancer. It’s a comical and awkward scene.

Non-paid. Professional quality final edit for actor’s reel.

I’m not looking for a re-enactment of the scene but an original interpretation based off the script.

Dennis: a clean-cut narcissistic co-owner of a bar in Phili
(Any gender, any ethnicity, age: 18 +)
Charlie: a lovable but grungy janitor of the same bar in Phili
(Any gender, any ethnicity, age 18 +)

Auditions will be held at Austin Community College Northridge campus in Bldg. 4000 Room 4142 on Mon/Weds. from 6pm to 8:30pm Last day to audition March 6th.

Actors must be available to audition, one day for rehearsal TBA, and one day for shooting probably during Spring Break.

Applicants can contact me over email : rtfdirecting@gmail.com
I will send the script and additional contact info via email.