Project Title:  Joy Comes in the Morning

Producer(s):  S. C. Stokes
Director(s):  S. C. Stokes

Synopsis:  “Joy Comes in the Morning” is taken from the book of the same name. It chronicles the lives of a mother and daughter who were diagnosed with cancer six months apart. The mother did not survive, the daughter did and dedicated her life to helping both those who will survive and those who won’t. It showcases six case studies and what was done to provide them with the hope they needed to fight this affliction. The book this is taken from is sanctioned by the American Cancer Society.

Length:  66 minutes or longer
Type:  Documentary
Format:  HD Video

Shooting Locations: Houston Texas, Garner State Park Texas

Meals Provided for Shoots Exceeding 6 Hours: off

Casting Call

These are the main characters. There are others such as family members that have interaction with these characters but I consider those as support parts.

Candice (black female, late 20’s early 30’s)
Candice is a flight attendant. She has a 9 year old son. Her husband and father were killed in an auto accident and she and her mother have taken to raising her son. Candice is a breast cancer survivor. Through chance she meets another cancer survivor that just found out its come back. Candice and her son provide the support the young woman needs.

Diplomat (40’s to 60’s)
This Chinese Diplomat goes out of his way to help a young Chinese exchange student who is diagnosed with colon cancer. He manages to provide the student with the most important thing she needs to get through the ordeal, her mother. Her mother is a field worker in China and because of the help he received here when his wife was diagnosed cancer he makes the mother part of a diplomatic mission and quickly gets her here to be with her daughter.

Jenny (white female, 29 to 30’s)
Jenny is a chain smoker. She has never made time for anyone of anything but her career. She has developed a hacking cough and is now beginning to cough up some blood. She finally goes to the doctor only to find out its too late. The lung cancer has spread and she’s given maybe 6 months. She really has no one to help. She decides to go to Houston for her last days to meet with a group that helps folks in her condition. In Houston she never makes it to the hotel and is taken to an ER. The lady running the support group gets to her in time to hold her hand and let her know she’s not alone as she passes away.

Jonathan (9 yro, black male)
Jonathan is Candice’s 9 year old son who befriends Loren someone he and his mother met under very unique circumstances. Loren really doesn’t have a family and is a Cancer survivor and has been in remission for two years only to have cancer’s ugly head rise again. Candice and Jonathan with the help of a support group help Loren fight the battle again.

Loren (white female, 40’s 50’s)
Loren runs a Dojo. She teaches martial arts. She has been in cancer remission for two years and suddenly its back. Through a chance meeting with Candice and Jonathan she saves them from a purse snatcher. She’s invited to dinner and there is where her battle with cancer comes out. Jonathan has no one who can compete with him on his video game and Loren really has no one to lean on. A friendship is struck between Candice and Jonathan. And with the help of a local support group, the war begins.

Compensation:  Unpaid Roles Available

Will accept digital submissions: off

Crew Call


Compensation:  Unpaid crew positions available

Submission Info

SCS Films will be hosting an open casting call for the Breast Cancer Docudrama, “Joy Comes In The Morning”. Prospective participants must submit a request by email between Jan 1st through Jan 16th 2015 at: SCS Films will be casting for the main roles, supporting roles and movie extras. We ask that each actor bring a head shot and resume to the auditions if applicable. Once your email has been received, participants will receive a confirmation email from SCS Films along with a character analysis. Please review the details of the casting call below. If you have any questions, please call 713-623-1776 between the hours of 8am-6pm, Monday – Saturday.

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