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KIDS ACTING & IMPROV – AGES 6 – 10  / Saturdays 10am – 12pm / Next Open Enrollment begins August 1, 2015 ($150/month)


This class focuses on the fundamentals of what we do as actors – play make-believe! Through exercises and improv the student will learn to focus their imaginations to create a “second reality”. The emphasis will be on suspending the critical mind, paying attention in the moment and willingness to be authentically affected by others.


TEEN ACTING – Ages 11 – 17 / Thursday 5pm – 7pm  / Register anytime, Ongoing Monthly Class ($150/month)

This is an on-going film acting class for experienced actors.

The instructor will focus on tools and techniques for achieving a naturalistic style of acting, freeing the body and voice, opening the imagination, experiencing real emotion, developing character arcs, understanding both text and subtext, preparing for work and auditions, and the reality of doing multiple takes and working with on-set conditions. Work will be explored through acting exercises, improvisation, monologues, and scene study.



Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm / Next Class 6 week Series begins June 22, 2015 ($225 for 6 week series)

For anyone who has an interest in acting, regardless of background or goals, and who have no to limited experience. Course will focus on the foundations of acting in a fun and safe environment, such as living truthfully in imaginary circumstances, warming-up, overcoming fear, focus and relaxation, voice and body awareness, memorization techniques, audition skills, headshots & resumes, set etiquette, the language of acting and filmmaking, how films are shot, and how to find work as an actor. Course is great for both people with goals as an actor, as well those who are simply curious about the craft or who want to work on overcoming fears, developing self-confidence, or finding self-expression.

At the end of the Series, students will be evaluated by the Instructor and either move to the more advanced level classes or be invited to continue working on their foundation building skills in the next 6 week series.


OR CALL: 512.640.3831