Casting Call – La Afortunada
Kyle Cavazos
To me
Today at 7:44 PM
My name is Kyle Cavazos and I’m represting the casting director for an indie film called La Afortunada (The Lucky One).
We’re currently seeking actors to submit HEADSHOTS ONLY. Below is the criteria asked:

1. La Afortunada (The Lucky One)
2. Indie Feature –
3. A struggle in the lives of two Hispanic sisters ensues when the younger sister discovers she cannot have children, and asks she older sister to be the surrogate mother of her child.
a. RACHEL – 26 to 30, Latina, Mexican-American. She is focused and has her sights set high – and right now her sights are on having a baby. She is the force in her marriage and the decisions to be made. A middle-class girl who went to junior college with ambitions for career and a family.
b. CATALINA – Latina, Mexicana, four years older than Rachel – smart but her possibilities are limited. She is a single mother, working in a shoe factory in Acuna in tough conditions. She does everything possible to make life work for her and her 13-year-old daughter, Maria.
c. MARIA – Latina, Mexicana, 13 and maturing quickly. Catalina’s daughter. She is as smart as her mother and just as independent. School may be her only escape from the situation she is in, but she doesn’t really have the resources to stay in school – and life is calling.
d. ROSA – Latina, Mexicana, 40 to 50. Catalina’s friend and work partner on the line. She’s worked in all kinds of jobs, knows several factories. Fierce and funny. She is the social heart for many of the women at the maquiladora. She looks out for all of them – but especially Catalina
e. ERNESTO – 28-32, Latino, Mexican-American. Rachel’s husband. He’s worked his way up in his company, now an on-site supervisor in a construction company. Loves Rachel immensely and is trying as hard as he can to keep up with her.
f. JUAN – Latino, Mexicano about 32. Catalina’s on-again-off-again boyfriend. He wants to be a family man with Catalina but has been turned down – and he’s getting frustrated. Entrepreneurial. Trying to make a go with a lunch truck.
g. HECTOR – Latino, Mexicano, 16, Maria’s boyfriend. Likes to act like he is a gangster, maybe he is, or maybe just trying it on. Says he’s leaving for the U.S. with his uncle. Another smart kid. He’s really in love with Maria.
5. Paid, time undecided
6. Meals provided
7. No crew needed, only actors
8. Auditions TBD
9. Shooting starts approx. JAN 2016
10. Digital shoot
11. Distribution TBD
13. JPEGS via email are accepted
14. Filming in cities across Texas and Mexico: San Marcos, San Antonio, Houston, Mexico cities TBD