Saturday and Sunday from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. with a one-hour lunch break.  Cost is $300 per workshop.

Visit for more information or email Lainie directly at or call Lainie at 512-441-6060 to register.

Classes are limited so only 6 students per class, so sign up soon before they fill!  Must be 18 or older.


How many times have you heard that before?  At VoiceWorks, you’ll learn the secrets and techniques professional voice talents use to make money with their voices.  Study with the leading voice-over coach in Austin!  Lainie Frasier is an award-winning voice actor with thousands of credits in commercial, animation and industrial voice-overs.  In addition to teaching voice-over workshops, Lainie works individually with her students to produce killer talent demos that will land you an agent and help you get the work you want.


January 10 and 11 or

February 7 and 8 or

March 7 and 8 or

April 11 and 12

A great beginner’s class where you will be trained in the basics of voice-over creating character and spokesperson roles in radio commercials.  You’ll learn more than you ever thought was involved in voice-over.  One of the fun things we do in this class is brand your voice so you know your vocal type and how to market yourself.  Lainie will also answer all your questions about the business side of the industry as well as audition tips.


January 24 and 25 or

March 21 and 22

Did you know there are as many industrial voice projects as there are commercial jobs?  In this workshop you will become skilled at the techniques for narrating long-format scripts including mastering the art of punch-in editing.  On Sunday, we hold a “bring your own” audiobook segment whereby you can read from whatever book you think your voice is bested suited.  For intermediate level students only.  You must have taken the pre-requisite “Build Character” commercial workshop.


April 25th and 26th

This is the most fun class you’ll ever take!  Have a blast gaining knowledge of how to approach animation voices for cartoons, animated commercials and video games.  Great of anyone who wants to open up and teach down any emotional walls.  Play games and immerse yourself in improvisations.  For intermediate level students only.  Your must have taken the pre-requisite “Build Character” commercial workshop.

Here’s what a couple of students had to say about Lainie’s class:

“I am still flying high from this weekend’s workshop and my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing!  That was an amazing experience for me, one that confirmed beyond any doubt that voice acting is what I was born to do (I just need to work at it).  Thank you for sharing your talents and experience with all of us.  Thank you also for creating an atmosphere of camaraderie, where we all felt safe to make asses of ourselves and just laugh.  That’s huge, since we’re essentially baring our souls to each other!  I credit you for fostering a sense of community and encouragement in your classes, and I’m not sure if I’m just lucky this way, but every class I’ve been to has been full of the neatest people!  You must have a no-asshole policy or something…” …Jennifer Bateman

“Thank you so much for another amazing class.  You are such a wonderful teacher.  You are so organized, prepared, insightful, knowledgeable, experienced, and so very talented.  I really would not say any of those things if I didn’t mean it, and I wouldn’t even say it to most people even if I felt it, but you are such a great director and teacher that I HAVE to say it.  You know so many things about me, things I already know, and that I struggle with every day, really, and we’ve only worked together in two weekend workshops.  It’s kinda scary!  That to me, is the mark of a great teacher and a great mind, and I am grateful to have found you.  You are really helping me deal with real things that I need to work on, and I appreciate that so much.  You have no idea.  I have studied with so many acting teachers, and I use the term teacher very loosely with many of these people, and I can say that out of the at least fifty (I can’t even count how many) teachers/coaches I’ve worked with on various facets of acting you are hands down in the top five people.  That includes all my teachers at UT and all my teachers in NY.  Wynn Handman, Stephen Gerald, Lee Abraham, Marian Hampton, Lainie Frasier – not necessarily in that order.” …Nicole Magee Shiro

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