for UT Grad Student Short Film, Limousine Liberals
UT Austin – RTF – Graduate Pre-Thesis Film

Non-Union – Student – Short – Unpaid

Director: Alessandra Lichtenfeld
DP: Christiane Escobar

“Limousine Liberals” is a satirical comedy about Jordan, a trust-fund kid in her mid-twenties, who attends a concert for charity in hopes to raise funds for Uncontacted Amazonian tribes. When she realizes the money is not being honestly allocated, she takes it upon herself to warn the other concert goers, but her self righteousness puts her in some strange, yet funny, situations.

Thursday Dec 14th
Monday December 18th

-Exact times TBD

Roles Needed by Date
(For all roles we are looking for people who look like they are in their young-mid 20s)
Thursday Dec 14th
-Young Woman 1
-Young Woman 2
-4 concert-goers walking around, drinking and smoking fake joints in background.

Monday December 18th
-Bouncer (speaking role)
-Necklace Girl (speaking role)
-5 Caucasian Hippie Stoners banging on bongos (if you have bongos or djembes let us know!!!)
-20-50 Concert-goers

Compensation: IMDB Credit, meals, and Vimeo link to final film provided.

If interested please email us at limoliberalfilm@gmail.com and send headshot.