Subject: Fw: Audition Notice: Love You Later
AUDITION NOTICE: July 6, 2019 9am-1pm
Read the breakdown. If you are available/interested, please send your head shot, resume (and demo reel if you have one) to Then visit to reserve your spot!

Short Film
Film Title: Love You Later
Category: Romance
Film Company: Appointed Productions
Director: Charles W. Bush
Producer: Charles W. Bush
Writer: Janet Forney
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Dates: TBD – Mid July to Late August
Project type: Non-Union
Compensation: Based on size of role; craft services provided
Please send headshot resume (and demo reel if you have one)

Ciera Le Noir AKA Lady is a hopeless romantic dredging her way
through life and love. While she sings from the pain, a refreshing new song.

Young Ciera Le Noir AKA Lady. 22-35yr old African American female (Principal). Vibrant. Pretty. Ambitious. Promiscuous. Devin’s wife *being able to sing is a plus

Older Ciera Le Noir AKA Lady. 40-60yr old African American female (Principal). Gorgeous. Financially stable. Ambitious. Hopeless romantic. Devin’s wife. *being able to sing is a plus

Young Devin Westmorland. 22-35yr old African American Male (Principal). Attractive. Confident. Sarcastic Lady’s husband

Older Devin Westmorland. 40-60yr old African American Male (Principal). Handsome. Confident. Funny. Romantic.
Lady’s husband

Brenda. 40-60yr old Female Any Ethnicity. Comic relief. Spunky. Fun. Friend of Lady

Jasmine. 40-60yr old female Any Ethnicity. Funny. Outspoken. Voluptuous. Friend of Lady

Raymond. 40-60yr old African American male. Counselor. Friend. Average Joe. Lady’s counselor and friend

Marcus. 40-60yr Any Ethnicity. Funny. Musician. Social friend. A member of Lady’s band

Lady’s Assistant. 22-30yr old female Any Ethnicity

DJ Raux. 25-40yr old. Radio personality

Chef Easy. 40-60 yr old male Any Ethnicity. Chef at lounge/restaurant