I am a 2nd year grad-student at UT Austin Film program and currently looking actors and non-actors kids for my pre-thesis film (short).

STORY: Teenager Maria is meeting her father Lars for a brunch, and it’s been several years since they’ve seen each other. Lars brings with him his younger daughter Letya, who is his child from his new family.


MARIA – 12ish, main character. She’s sporty with a vulnerable side and insecure about her appearance. She lives with her mother, yet misses her father. Non-actors welcome.

LETYA – 6ish, Maria`s step-sister, a sweet and cute little princess. Young actor should speak a foreign language fluently (or sound as fluent as a 6-year-old can be) because she’s being brought up in another country. Language not specific to script, so can be any non-English language. Non-actors welcome.

LARS – 35ish, Maria`s father. He lives abroad with his younger daughter Letya, and has not had close contact with Maria for almost her whole life. Actors with daughters (for Letya role) welcome, but not required. His first language is English, so he need not speak another language fluently, but must learn a few lines to communicate with Letya.

ANNE – 35ish, Maria`s mother, supporting character. A self-reliant single mom living with her daughter Maria.

WAITRESS – supporting character, non-specific age or looks, but imagining feminine-acting like Letya.

SHOOTING DATES: December 5th-9th, in Austin area

AUDITIONS are held:
This Friday (Nov 14th ) at 5pm-8pm, Studio 4C, UT Austin, Building CMB
Saturday (Nov 15th) at 11-3pm, Studio 4D, UT Austin, Building CMB
Location: 300 W. Dean Keeton Austin, Texas TX 78712

If Friday or Saturday doesn’t work for you on this short of notice, please email us anyway if you are interested. We can figure something out.

Please E-MAIL headshot and bio to
Thank you!
Madli Lääne,