Magic Man
Independent/Student/Studio: Student
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Short Film
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Denton

Production Start Date: 02/13/2015
Production Wrap Date: 02/15/2015
Production Schedule: 3 Days

Producer(s): Chelsea Turner
Writer(s): Emily Walker
Director(s): Emily Walker
Additional Attached Crew: Jeremy Taub, Tomas Minick

Synopsis: “Magic Man” is a short film centered around nostalgia and self-discovery. The story focuses on a woman who connects with her father through photography and discovers herself along the way.

Character Breakdowns:
A young woman in her early 30s, Sandra has recently won an award for photography, her passion and side job until the award (she has worked as a secretary to pay rent). Sandra tells an interviewer the story behind her favorite camera and the way in which she was introduced to the art of photography – her father.

Teen Sandra:
As a teenager, Sandra struggles with some big changes in her life. She and her father accept their neighbor and friend as a part of their family after his own parents reject him. She and her new brother must deal with the passing of their father, just as Sandra prepares to enter college. Along the way, Sandra uses photography to stay connected to her father.

Young Sandra:
As a young girl, Sandra is fascinated by her father and latches onto his profession – photography. He tells her his favorite camera is magical and lets him take such good pictures of people. Sandra makes it her goal to take pictures just like her father.

A man in his mid 30s to late 40s, Sandra’s father is completely devoted to his family. His wife left not long after Sandra was born to pursue her career, but he has long since forgiven her for it. He introduces Sandra to his passion of photography when she shows an interest in it. He takes the neighbor’s child, Nathan to be a part of his family after his parents reject him. He passes away due to a terminal illness just before Sandra enters college.

As a teenage boy around the same age as his neighbor, Sandra, Nathan struggles with revealing his sexuality to his parents. He is kicked out of their home after his secret is revealed and Sandra’s father takes him in to be a part of their family. He adapts very quickly to the new environment as he cares deeply for both Sandra and her father.

Young Nathan:
As a young boy, Nathan looks up to his neighbor, Sandra. Though she picks on him from time to time, he still has great admiration for her, mostly due to the fact that he can play how he likes when he is with Sandra and her father. His parents are more restrictive of his free time and how he spends it.

Nathan’s love interest:
A boy in his late teens. He and Nathan start dating in high school. He is very supportive of Nathan as he understands that Nathan’s parents have yet to accep