We’re looking for a make-up artist familiar with film and able to keep consistency across multi-day shoots. To start, we’d love to give you a trial run for a short film that we’ll be shooting this Saturday (April 8th) and see if we’re a good fit creatively. This shoot will be no more than 6 hours, most likely less.

Right now, this is an unpaid gig. Your name will be featured in the credits and the film may have exposure in a new LA-based film festival. As we make other things we’re proud of, you’ll also gain the resume bullet points and lots of diverse experience with exposure in the festival circuit. Interest in collaborating with some music video side-project work would also be a huge plus!

Please let me know a little bit about yourself and a short creative statement. What are your goals? Where are you coming from? What are your strengths as a make-up artist?

We’re excited to meet you and have you on board. Email alexkathrynmarx@gmail.com to talk details!