Featuring basic principles of the Meisner Technique.

David studied with Sanford Meisner for 4 years during Meisner’s heyday in NYC, from 1967 to 1971.

David began teaching acting in Hollywood, CA in 1984-2004 (21 years) and has taught the same technique in Austin, Texas for the past 9 years. Many of his students have had major roles in Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Californication, Revolution and feature roles in many Austin independent movies such as Tree of Life, Two Bobs and several others.

David teaches this very same technique in Austin every Tuesday 7:00-10:00pm.
The cost is $135 per month.  For location and booking contact the class coordinator, Mark Holliway at 512-635-4160 or holliway@austin.rr.com
It is a weekly class for students who wish to work in film, although equally as powerful for TV and theater. For David’s bio go to www.austinactorsstudio.co<http://www.austinactorsstudio.co>

This class teaches you how to audition and get the job.
A must for actors looking to work in Texas independent films. “You can’t get the job if you can’t win the audition”

The following endorsement from Sandord Meisner was taken from a handwritten letter that can be seen on the Austin Actors Studio website. The letter is dated September 11, 1983 in response to a request from David A. Cox to teach the Meisner technique:

“Dear David,

Thank you for your request to teach my technique. You certainly may. It is an honor to know that you are doing so. Stay well and keep in touch. If I come to Los Angeles it will be nice to come to your class.

Best Wishes,
Sandy Meisner