“MELTED” is a short dramatic film that tells the story how one child’s attempt to throw a birthday party for their parent is thwarted by unforeseen events.

Shooting begins March 20 and ends March 23, 2015 in Austin, TX and surrounding area.

Director’s previous work can be found here: 


ROCKY: 8-12 year old boy or girl; eager but clumsy go-getter who is unknowingly self-sufficient. Seen a lot of disappointment, but maintains optimism.

ROCKY’S MOTHER/FATHER: man or woman late 30s – 40’s; Jaded and frustrated  who isn’t cut out for the aging or fathering process. Aloof and selfish disguised as attractive.

ROCKY’S FATHER’s BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: woman or man mid 30’s; Tall with slinky stature and attitude. Insensitive and unaware of how their actions affect others.

COP #1: man or woman late 30s – 50s; fit and firm, but gentle in attitude and approach. Has the ability to joke around, but maintain authority without having to speak too much

COP #2: man late 30’s – 50s, fit and firm, maintains authority without having to speak much.

CPS OFFICER – woman or man late 30’s – 40’s; orderly and organized. Type of person who has always has a clipboard and takes their job seriously.

COMPENSATION: No pay. Meals, and DVD copy of final film provided.

TO APPLY: Send headshot, bio and resume by February 16th to:


We will be scheduling auditions for February 21st, so please email for a copy of the script, to schedule a time-slot, and location details.

Brittney Shepherd