Mondays 7-11pm. South Lamar Studio

Intensive scene study, in depth character work, interview-audition technique.
Customized to individual needs. 30 years of professional teaching, incorporating Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Bobby Lewis, Joan Darling and                                              On-Camera Techniques for today”s actor.                                                                                                                                                                           Because acting is like an athletic event requiring discipline, focus and skill, the first half hour includes Relaxation specifically for actors                                            and ensemble improv exercises designed to raise all of your work to a higher level in a playful, supportive environment.                                                                                                           “An actor should be a volcano in a completely relaxed body.” Michael Chekov.                                                                                                                             “Paula is an amazing, generous, and brilliant teacher. Her class provided me with a key piece in my performance toolkit.                                                            She teaches a powerful exercise for RELAXATION and focus that transformed my experience of stage fright and performance anxiety.                                                I use it every single time I perform and always think of how grateful I am to Paula.”  Annie La Ganga                                                                                                       “Thank you, Paula! I wouldn’t even been in this commercial if it wasn’t for your direction! I had a really great teacher who taught me how to listen and stay real, even when there isn‚t anyone there to react off of! I seriously could not have had a better teacher to get me into acting!” Dave G. Gironda.

eight weeks: $176. ten weeks: $200. Actors, Directors and Writers welcome. Voice and Private sessions: $40 per hour.                                                             Meet, hear Paula at the legendary Broken Spoke from 6-8pm Saturday, Feb 14th, Valentines Day, featured in Smithsonian Documentary.                                     Contact Paula and see more information via or email South Lamar Studio. Easy, free parking.