UT Film Student Noah Goodman is casting for a class project; reimagining a scene from the hit TV show Mr. Robot. Within the scene, Cybersecurity tech and underground hacker Elliot Alderson confronts a local coffee shop owner about his Dark Web store.

Auditions will be held Sunday September 16th from 12:00pm (noon) to 5:00pm at the University of Texas, Communications building B (CMB) Room 4.116 (Studio 4A).

Rehearsals and shooting will take place in the two weeks leading into October and will be scheduled around actor availability.

Compensation: A digital copy of the final product. Food will be provided while shooting.
Please note: This material is copyrighted, meant for educational purposes and is not fit for public distribution.

Please RSVP with a headshot to Noah Goodman at Wholeinthewallproductions@gmail.com with the subject: Mr. Robot Scene: (Character you are auditioning for). Script sides will be sent in response. Links to your online reel and/or website are appreciated but not required.


Elliot Alderson
Any Ethnicity
A socially awkward tech-head with a burning hatred for “The men in black suits that control the world.” Underneath the façade of a normal life working at a cybersecurity firm, he hacks into the lives of those around him.

Rohit “Phil” Pathak
A business owner and socialite. He runs the popular New York coffee shop Phil’s Coffee. Underneath his calm demeanor and his business dealings, he secretly traffics illicit material through the Dark Web.