PLEASE VISIT THE SITE and see the classes that are being presented and lots of information listed under RESOURCES for actors to know!  Nan has relocated to Austin – and is a New York actor and Los Angeles casting director (Star Trek: Voyager, C.S.I: Miami, In the Heat of the Night, 9 ½ Weeks ) with over 30 years of experience at the top of the entertainment industry.


FUNDAMENTALS taught by Nan Dutton

A beginning acting class designed to cover various acting methods, script analysis, and how to research a character.  This class will guide you step by step allowing you to grow and build an effective approach to the craft of acting in a supportive atmosphere.  Through specific exercises (sense memory/observation/ personalization/ visual imagination) improvisation, assignments and lecture you will learn the tools to enable you to connect to your creative side.


March 9 – June 1 (3 MONTHS/12 Weeks)    7-10:30 PM    MONDAYS    $160./A MONTH



THE AUDITION WORKOUT: taught by Nan Dutton

Unmask the audition process, this class will provide you with the skills and confidence needed to make an affect on tape or in an audition room.  Nan should know from sitting on the same side of the room with producers and directors for over 25 years.  This class will address the business of acting along with the creative side, by performing mock audition scenes covering multiple genres and styles.  DVD’s will be provided of student’s scene work to take home and self-critique.


April 29 – June 17 (2 MONTHS/8 Weeks)    7-10:30 PM WEDNESDAYS $160./A MONTH


THE WEEKLY WORKOUT taught by Nan Dutton

This class is intended for intermediate to advanced actors only and will cover every medium with a very strong concentration in television and film. The scene work will address different genres and styles principally related to television and film and the techniques required to bring them to life.  In addition, the curriculum encompasses learning skills to use when working under the constraints present in T.V., and film.  DVD’s will be provided of student’s scene work to take home and self-critique.


April 7 – June 30  (3 MONTHS/13 Weeks)    7-10:30 PM   TUESDAYS $160./A MONTH

This is structured as an ongoing class.



Nan’s entertainment career has spanned more than 35 years, as an actor and as one of Los Angeles’ working casting directors.  Her casting resume lists over 60 projects inclusive of series, pilots, movies of the week, and films from the episodic series, In the Heat of the Night, to Star Trek Voyager and, more recently, ten seasons on CSI Miami.   She received two Artios Awards from the Casting Society of America and has worked with Academy Award winning directors, and Emmy winning directors and producers. As an actor, after receiving her BFA at Boston University, Nan studied with the legendary Kim Stanley, and later appeared on Broadway twice for the Tony Award winning director Alan Schneider. In addition, Nan has taught acting, conducted workshops at Los Angeles studios and SAG, and lectured about the entertainment business at The American Film Institute. Furthermore, she has been putting actors on tape for more than fourteen years.  Nan’s passion and primary focus, is to now teach and coach the essentials actors need to know about working in the business of entertainment.




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