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Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Television Pilot
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Austin

Production Start Date: 12/14/2014
Production Wrap Date: 01/10/2015
Production Schedule: 2 days (12/14/14 and 1/10/15) + one additional tbd

Writer(s): Ellen Elmore
Director(s): Ellen Elmore
Additional Attached Crew: Anne Boyd, M. Cortez

Synopsis: Travel and cooking TV show pilot highlighting Texas
Pilot will be shot in Dripping Springs

Crew Positions Needed:
B Camera
Production (co-producer or PA, dependent on how much you want to be involved)
Grips/lights/camera assistant/continuity (ie, general techie!)

Paid / Non-Paid: Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Meals

Production Company: HeyDocFilms

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions: Fisher787-ad@yahoo.com

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: PLEASE NOTE there is a small stipend available for crew IT IS NOT SCALE PAY!! It’s basically enough to cover your “gas money”
This project will be used to raise funds for continuing the series.