delirium Entertainment is seeking casting for the following roles for its web series Oynx.  Onyx is a web series based on three African American sisters and the family and friends who reside in the small city-town of St. John.  delirium Entertainment is currently in pre-production for it’s 3rd season of the series.

We have a multicultural cast that comes in from all over the country, with the series is currently shot being in the Austin, Texas on weekends.  Casting is currently unpaid.  Please send headshots and reels to  If you please send a video of a monologue performed.  Round one of casting will be through email submissions.  Round two casting will take place in Austin, Texas by appointment.

If you would like to know more about the series, please go to and check us out.  We are definitely something special you don’t want to miss the opportunity to work with this outstanding cast and crew!

Noah Cavanaugh (25-35) Attractive Caucasian Male.  Noah Cavanaugh is intelligent, well education and streetwise.  He is ambitious and goes for what he wants.  Noah was brought in by Jackson Bradford. Background in journalism and business He’s been brought in to help continue the changes being made to the paper. Jackson has taken over the observer and wants to extend the small paper’s reach.

Noah a rival of Caleb Duncan’s from high school takes the opportunity to work at the observer as a challenge. His relationship was the Duncan family is tense but cordial and offers his assistance instead coming in making major changes to the paper. Samantha sees this as an opportunity to get Noah on her side, she’s determined to get the paper back. She teams Noah with Gabriel and the two investigate who shot who’s shot one of the newest arrivals to St. John.

This places Noah in Avery’s orbit. Originally being reintroduced by to Avery by Gabe he’s immediately attracted to the beauty and sadness of the young mother. As the case continues Noah begins to connect with Avery through her longing for a missing Caleb.

We are particularly interested in , though not limited to, looking for someone who is athletic and muscular in build.

Xavier Lawrence: (25-35) Attractive African American Male.  Xavier Lawrence is intelligent, well education and street wise.  He is analytical and calculating with his life.  Things are done intentionally.  Xavier’s as district attorney is curiously timed with Tracy’s win as mayor.  His first case is who shot one of St. John’s newest arrivals, he is determined to make his mark.  His connection to Tracy Kennedy is business only, or is it?

Xavier has roots in St. John and will work closely with Bradley Morgan and another St. John detective to try to unravel a few unsolved mysteries that have taken place.  However, his first case will be high profile because of the suspects that arise.  Xavier will end up spending a large amount of time with Avery Duncan.  What begins as business, turns into something more personal begins to develop and he struggles with his duty and his feelings.

We are particularly interested in , though not limited to, looking for someone who is athletic and muscular in build.

Marion Hudson Bradford:  (Late 40’s to Early 60’s) African American Female Marion Hudson was born in Dallas and moved to New York in her twenties to attend NYU for Sociology.   During her time in New York, she met and later married an ambitious young man working his way up from the bottom in a local publishing house, Gregory Bradford.  Five years after the wedding, their first son, Jackson, was born.  Jefferson was born three years later.  They adopted their third son Andrew after the death of his parents at age 5.  Gregory was so consumed with Bradford Publishing that he rarely spent time at home. She decided to use her considerable means to give back to the world community after her children were grown.

Recent events in St. John are making her presence there with her family more and more necessary.   She is a force for change on the world stage, but now she must come home to get her family back on the right track. She is a sweet woman, but tolerates no nonsense from her sons: Jackson usually needed the most correction.