A defiant teenage girl fights for acceptance from her mother as a new skincare product takes over her town, leading her down a rabbit hole of horror and despair.

Nadine (15-19) : A precocious teenager who dislikes the company of her own generation and longs for acceptance from her mother.
Alice (30s-40s) : A beauty-obsessed mother who wants her daughter to be involved with other teens.
Extras (all ages) : No audition required.

This film will be submitted into film festivals such as SXSW, AYFF, and the AFF Young Filmmakers Program. Compensation includes free food on set, great company, and a copy of the finished film by the end of December.

We aim to shoot on Oct. 9th and 14th.

This is a non-SAG project.

Self-take auditions required for leading roles. They must be submitted by the end of Saturday, September 21st.

If interested, please email sadie.sweitzer@headwaters.org.

Thank you!