2016-06-23_576bf7ffc8e49_TeaserPosterSOUCasting Call

Feature Film | Non-Union | Starts: Jul 30, 2016 | Filming in: Waco, Texas, United States

The film Synopsis: When a teen from a wealthy family learns that she is adopted, Izzy hires a private investigator to find her birth parents. When a meeting is set up, Izzy hops on a bus to go meet her mom, but when the bus is taken over by hijackers, Izzy soon discovers her captors are using her as a ransom. Through it all, Izzy meets a variety of passengers, some who encourage her through faith in God and others who are conspiring against her.

Please submit a video resume, reel or monologue to davidford@cherubfilms.com and smiller@cherubfilms.com
Please visit http://senseofurgencymovie.com/auditions-jobs/ for current open roles.