Working title: Outside the Box
Genre: Comedy Web series / TV Pilot
Non-Union: Non-Union, NON PAID
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Web Series / TV Pilot
Production location: Austin, Texas
Director: Gabriel Auffant
Producers: Christopher T. Lovett,
Gabriel Auffant, Colton Bostick
Shooting Location: Austin, Texas
Shoot Date: TBD Spring 2018
Compensation: Meals, IMDB credits
Nudity: No

Logline: The comic tale of a group of homeless friends interacting with society.


Ben (25-40) Open Ethnicity, Male, Lead
A homeless man down on his luck, loyal, honest, hopeful, smart, can’t catch a break, awkward under pressure, loses confidence around authority figures. One might describe him as being a little dorky.

Kenny (21-35) Open Ethnicity, Lead
Rich, spoiled son of a Wealthy Businessman, he is naïve, like a lost puppy, gullible, unintentionally snobby. He would be a loyal friend, if he actually had any.

Roy (20-40) Open Ethnicity, Supporting, Male
Grew up on the streets, he’s a smooth talker, cunning, likable, showy, resourceful, likes to have fun. He knows how to get things.

Phil (30-60) Open Ethnicity, Supporting, Male
Is odd, curious, over dramatic at times, maybe a genius (therefor a little crazy). People have trouble deciding on if he is actually brilliant or not all there in the head. Phil is homeless.

Summer (21-35) Open Ethnicity, Female, Lead
A pretty volunteer at a homeless shelter, she’s generally warm and caring, giving to a fault, a cause-of-the-week activist, self- critical, trendy, a gadget/technology junky, embraces being a millennial, and a control freak.

Emma (25-50) Open Ethnicity, Female, Lead
A Homeless woman with anger issues and a short fuse, she speaks her mind, a loose cannon, pessimistic, opinionated, craves routine, uses sarcasm to keep people at arm’s length.

Call date and location:

February 10th, 1 to 4pm

Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Dr. Room 225
Austin TX 78731

Go to the back parking lot and enter through back door. Follow the signs.

For Sides, register and send us your info at

For more info contact us at 512.458.6872 or