Texas Crew Productions Needs Actors and Location (PAID GIG)
Actors and Location needed for Recreations in a Paranormal Television Series
What: Paranormal Television Series
When: Friday, August 16th, 2019
Where: Austin Area, TBD location

Caucasian female with blonde hair (mid 50s to mid 60s)
Caucasian female with red or dark hair (20s or 30s)
Caucasian female (60s to 70s)
Caucasian male (60s to 70s)
Caucasian male (late 20s to mid 30s)
4-6 males portraying the Native American Nanticoke-Lenape Tribe (any age)

Location needed:
Two story home with large wooded backyard or wooded area
Fire pit area preferred

Contact: tcpcasting@texascrew.com
Submit: Headshot, resume, and reel if possible for actors and photos for location